Face Care

Face Care

Anti-Ageing Placenta Creams for Face Care

Best Australian Products’ wide range of facial care cosmetics includes products for every skin type including the Australia’s best-selling placenta cream for face.

Our facial cosmetics are available in the form of creams, face masks, serum and fluids.

Placenta based creams and cleansers for face care are becoming increasingly popular in Australian, New Zealand and Asian markets.

Placenta based face care cosmetics are known for their anti-ageing, moisturizing and anti-acne properties. Check out our latest range.

Why choose Placenta Creams for Face Care?

Placenta essentially is the organ which forms in the uterus of mammals during pregnancy and provides oxygen and nutrients to growing babies.

But before you get grossed out with using placenta for skin treatment, you would be surprised to learn that placenta has long been praised for its nutritional value and has even been consumed in Chinese and Vietnamese cultures.

Experts have attested to the health benefits of ingesting the organ, particularly as it is high in iron and Vitamin B6 and aids in fighting postpartum depression.

A lot of people lately have been raving about placenta creams for face, crediting it for softer and rejuvenated skin.

Fight skin issues – Pick an anti-ageing placenta cream now!

The life-giving aspect of the placenta is the science behind its increasing usage in anti-ageing skin care products.

It is a nutrient dense tissue and contains vitamins, proteins, amino acids, enzymes and stem cells. Stem cells are the key ingredient for anti-ageing properties of the placenta as these multi-functional cells have the ability to repair structures like collagen, elastin and skin cells.

Using placenta in cosmetics has become increasingly popular in Australia and New Zealand. However, the placenta that is used in skin creams, lotions and other cosmetics mainly comes from sheep and is not the human placenta.

Placenta creams for face care give you a youthful appearance, reduce wrinkles and fine lines and lighten the skin tones. Cosmetologists and dermatologists recommend using placenta cream for face care for its many benefits such as:

  • Moisturizing and hydrating the driest skin types.
  • Enhancing renewal process of skin, reducing wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Increasing skin elasticity, thereby, reducing the appearance of saggy skin.
  • Balancing natural serum production, removing open pores and help in controlling acne outbreak.
  • Repairing uneven pigmentation and diminishing the age spots, blemishes, and discoloration.
  • Encouraging rapid healing and reducing scars and bruises.

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